There are 2 parts to the membership fees;

Gliding Federation Australia (GFA) membership and Gympie Gliding Club (GGC) membership fees.

Gliding Federation Fees
For annual GFA membership fees see the link below
GFA Temporary (9 day) Membership.  $40
The 9 day membership is designed to allow people to participate in Air Experience Flights (AEF) to try gliding over 2 successive weekends. The $40 fee is included in the AEF charge for the first flight during that 9 days and does not need to be paid for further flights within the 9 days.

Gympie Gliding Club Fees 

May is the start of the club year and anyone joining the club throughout the year will pay pro-rata for the remaining portion of the year.

CLICK HERE for club membership form

Annual Membership is $300

Joining Fee $250 (once only)
3 Month membership $100 + $100 Joining fee.
This short term membership is intended for people to try gliding for an extended period and can only be used once. Full membership is required to continue beyond 3 month.  

Students in full time or part study and under 25yo, joining fee nil.

1 Month Membership $40
You may have up to 10 flights or 5 hours flight time within the 30 days without joining fee.
Member Accounts
Members are required to keep their accounts in credit.
All members pay a $400 bond. This money is usually refunded when membership is discontinued. 

Glider Hire

The instructors give their time fro free.

Two seater gliders are $1 per minute.

Single seat gliders are 70 per minute.

Launch Fees

Each winch launch is $18 and student pilots in training are required to do simulated and real winch launch failures that result in short flights. These flights are charged at the normal rate if required for training. Solo pilot are not required to pay for winch launch failures.

 Aero-tow launch is $50 to 2000ft and $1 per 100ft above 2000ft.

Training Material

Basic Gliding Knowledge Book $25

Pilot log Book $5