Learn To Fly
Gliders are like surf boards of the sky
It takes skill and understanding of the invisible forces at play.
Short Courses are available
10 Flight Courses are for people to try gliding to see if it is really what they want.
We can also do 'A' Certificate Courses to take people to first solo and course dates can be arranged to suit students. Weather permitting and the aptitude of the student, solo can usually be achieved in less that 2 weeks. 
In the last 2 years we have run a number of A Certificate courses for 14 young people from Hong Kong who are working towards airline pilots.
If you want to learn to glide, you will need to join the club. All club instructors give their time and knowledge for free, so the cost of learning is the same as the cost of flying at the usual club rate which is cheaper than AEF rates. For more information contact
Chief Flying Instructor, Trevor Burke on 07 5485 1898 or
0400 348 711
Instructor Ray Parker on 5447 7647
Instructor Mick Aitken on 0416 193 417.
While instructors give their time for free, it is in their interest and that of students, to keep the total training to a minimum. For this reason, first time gliding students are required to do initial training using aero-tow launchs before moving on to winch launching.  Others with previous gliding experience or power flying experience may be able to move directly to winch launching.
Glider training using aero-tow allows students to develop the 'stick and rudder' skills to properly control the glider which then allows more efficient development of take off and landing skills.