A New 2 Seater
The club has been saving for years for a high performance 2 seat glider that will allow better cross country training and to compete in competition.  Combining club funds with a possible loan from the Gliding Federation and or members along with grants we are hopeful of receiving, we may be able to purchase a 2 seater by the end of 2018.
As you know we operate with a strong volunteer ethos and with a larger club the economies of scale allow the club to improve the facilities and equipment.  
To that end, introducing gliding to more people who may become members will help the club.
Selling more gift vouchers also helps
Main Hangar Doors
The door rollers and tracks need to be replaced / upgraded. The tracks are up to 80mm out of level.
Maintenance Workshop
People who give there time to look after the club gliders and equipment deserve to have a decent area to carry out that work. The current workshop area with its dirt floor is a a very long way short of aviation industry standards.  
A concrete floor is the first step in developing the workshop. Work benches, storage cupboards and other tools and machinery can be improved in time. 
Winch Restoration 
The 2 drum winch engine is a very poor state. It has a suspected broken oil ring and other oil leaks. The 1960s engine has served us well but it is overdue to be replaced. We are currently seeking grants to replace the engine and transmission with a modern big V8.
K21 Trailer 
The trailer is in need of some repairs to the tailgate which is likely to fall off if the rusted frame is not repaired soon. Volunteers able to help lease contact Trevor.
Hangar roof
The roof screws are corroded and it is starting to affect the sheeting. The screws need to be replaced. We have the screws. A volunteer to organize a working bee in winter is needed. 
Club house refurbishment
The termites have eaten the carpet in the club house. Ideally the carpet can be removed and replaced with tiles. It may be possible to get donations of discontinued styles form tile merchants. We are looking for a volunteer to take on this project.
Removal of the office walls and kitchen replacement is part of the refurbishment needed